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Item Description Item Description
1001 Fine German Porcelain Vintage Italian Greyhound Volkstedter
Kevin Z Limited Edition Print “Pansies”

Vintage Laurelwood IG Plate Limited Edition

Doggiduds Angel Scrunchie Collar
1003 ANTIQUE Metal Tieback Italian Greyhound c1800 -1850 Pink Fleece Blanket
1004 Vintage Victorian Girl with IG Desperate Housedog Tee Shirt
1005 Vintage Victorian Boy with IG Collage Picture Frame
1006 Wood Italian Greyhound Puzzle Kevin Z Limited Edition Print “Little Doe”
1007 SIGNED Dated Handpainted IG Mug Hartz Deluxe Cat Brush
1008 Unusual Vintage Metal & Bakelite Box with FIVE IGs!!!! "Best Friends" Note Cards
1009 Vintage Delicate Mini Porcelain Italian Greyhound "Greyhound Portrait" Note Paper
1010 Antique 1920s Jewelry Box with IG GORGEOUS! Wellness Tote/Backpack
1011 Vintage Glass Lady & IG Pendant and Chain Commissioned Pet Portrait
1012 Antique Silver IG on Pedestal Ball Elegante Collection White Lady and IG or Whippet
1013 Exquisite Needlepoint Hand Made IG Pillow!!!
Large Pewter IG Figurine
1014 Vintage Shimmering Gold Italian Greyhound with Basket 2 Matched Vintage Porcelain IGs England

Wood Framed IG Portrait Antique

Kevin Z Limited Edition IG Print "Dreams of Ivy"
1016 Custom Pet Announcements Needlepoint IG at Night Pillow NEW Handmade!
1017 Needlepoint IG at Noon Pillow NEW Handmade! New Book:"My Mother Never Taught Me Songs"
1018 Vintage Tin Treat Box for Multiple Dogs Professional EXQUISITE IG Needlepoint Canvas "Dogwalk"
1019 Vintage Armchair IG Tapestry Pouch Bowser's Bistro Year of Treats
1020 Vintage Wood Box with Raised Sculpture IGs! RARE RARE!!! 1983 "The Italian Greyhound Guide" by Lilian Barber!!

Item Description Item Description
2001 Vintage White Ceramic IG Graceful! Vintage Small Tin Treat Box with Victorian IG Design

Two Deco IG (Greyhound) Tie Clasp Spectacular!

Vintage Canine Kingdom Collectable Greyhound or IG
2003 Shih Tzu Note Cards LARGE Clear Glass Vase with Elegant IG
2004 "A-Z" Cards Vintage Ceramic IG in Antiqued Aqua!
2005 Decorator Plate 2 Whippets de Claviere New QUALITY Large IG Sweatshirt
2006 Professional EXQUISITE IG Needlepoint Canvas Catwalk Sterling Silver Playing IG Pendant
2007 Vintage Cast Iron 2 IG Small Item Holder Vintage Running IG Pin (Whippet Greyhound)
2008 Antique Gilded Plaster Little Girl with IG Carmon Deyo Bronze IG Pendant
2009 Silver Hounds Senior IG Rescue Bracelets Vintage Chrome IG with Nut & Screw
2010 COLORFUL Gawdawful Screaming Monkey IG Toy Vintage IG Charm Very Old Cracker Jax
2011 Dog Bone Corkscrews Orange Nylon Oxford English Style Iggy Coat
2012 Vintage Holiday Goldtone IG Greyhound Pin Crocheted Bagel Dog Toy
2013 Vintage Bronze Standing IG Greyhound Italian Greyhounds Playing Poker Print
2014 Kevin Z Limited Edition IG Print "Black and White with Roses" "I'd rather be playing with my Italian Greyhounds" License Plate Holder

Fleece Doggy Pads

Gorgeous Needlepoint Christmas Stocking
2016 Wooden Dog Plaque Lady with Two Borzois Figurine
2017 Fancy Cloth Collar Covers Vintage Haviland Decorator Plate
2018 Fleece Doggy Boots IG Stomping on Grapes Pin
2019 “Celestial Navigations” Note Cards 14K Solid Gold IG Figure Pendant
2020 Stainless Steel Crate Bowls Claudia's Canine Cookies

Item Description Item Description
3001 Limited Edition IG Print by Kevin Z "Beloved" Yellow IG Terry Cloth Cover-up

EXQUISITE! IG Needlepoint Canvas "Fishwalk"

Assorted IG Note Cards
3003 Vintage Mauve Sandstone Finish Ceramic IG Unusual!!! Vintage Carved Wood IG Pin
3004 Vintage Cast Iron 2 IG Small Item Holder Vintage Gilded Metal Italian Greyhound by Jennings Brothers
3005 Hand Knit Custom Sweater Antique Solid Lead Running IG England
3006 Victorian Style IG Earrings by Karen Smith Handmade Quilt for YOUR IG!!! Dated and Signed!
3007 Animal Communication Session "Tippytoes" Button Pin
3008 I Love My Dog Photo Frame Old Metal IG Head Large Wood Clip Well Detailed!
3009 IG Magazines from 1991 Unusual Old Ceramic 2 Dimensional IG or Greyhound
3010 Basket of IG Goodies! Don't Miss!!! Genuine Pearl Dog Collar
3011 One Fancier Ad IG Magazines from 1982
3012 Chihuahua Note Cards IG Magazines from 1983
3013 Cotton Doggy Blanket/Pad Large Cobalt Blue IG Vase Graceful Swirl
3014 Vintage Pot Metal Graceful Running IG on Pedestal Plaid Snuggle Sack

Vintage Ceramic Italian Greyhound Elegant!

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds - Over 1000 Pictures
3016 24 k Running GH Gold Charms ORIGINAL Hand-Pressed Tile; Curled IG in "Weathered Denim"
3017 Greyhound Pin Handpainted Sighthound Window Cling
3018 Valentine Hearts IG Bandana Child with Greyhound Figurine
3019 “Tierisch Exclusiv” Leather Dog Collar Lovely Lerner Pewter Photo Frame with IG or Greyhound
3020 Patriotic IG Terry Cloth Cover-up "Pretty in Pink" - IG's Necklace

Item Description Item Description
4001 Vintage Cast Iron 2 IG Small Item Holder in Black Artist Yvonne Soverign IG Decals

Vintage Gray Ceramic IG "Blue"

Tile - Curled IG in Wheatfield
4003 IG Magazines from 1981 Stuffed IG Toys (3 IGs & 1 Pug)
4004 IG Magazines from 1995 Gaiam Back Care Conditioning Kit
4005 Paw Prints Pet Dish Quark of Deep Space Nine Action Figure
4006 Lost Dog Tag with 800 Number-Protect Your Best Friend! Lovely Hand Crocheted Afghan
4007 Beanie Greyhound Toy Dog Collars with Tinkling Bells
4008 IG/Whippet Figurine One-Year Subscription to IG Times
4009 Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings "Spring Breeze" ~ IG's Necklace ~ 9"
4010 Dichroic Glass Necklace Collectable 1983 IG Calendar
4011 Happy Companion Pet Suits Cranberry Cloisonné ~ IG's Triple Strand Necklace ~ 10"
4012 Vintage Elegant Black Art Deco Ceramic Resting IG Silver Plate Flatware Set for Twelve
4013 Vintage Metal IG Horse Brass England Colorful IG Summer Necklace
4014 Vintage Large Metal Button with Graceful Italian Greyhound Estate IG Tiger Eye Necklace

White/Yellow/Blue All Fleece Dog Pad/Blanket

Running Greyhound Crystal Paperweight
4016 Flower Print Snuggle Sack Italian Greyhound Salt Cellar
4017 IG Magazines from 1984 Assorted Greyhound Black & Whilte Transfers
4018 IG Magazines from 1985 Oakley Sweep Sunglasses
4019 ORIGINAL Hand-Pressed Tile; Curled IG in "Warm Grey" Set of Dandy Dog Booties
4020 The National Geographic BOOK OF DOGS 2 Books: "Real Food for Dogs/Cats"

Item Description Item Description
5001 New Book:"My Mother Never Taught Me Songs" Four Hounds Decal in Silver

Amethyst and Pearls IG Necklace

IG Decorated Glass Goblet
5003 Chinese Glass Block Beads IG Necklace Etched IG Glass Tumbler
5004 Umbrella Set -"We go together"
One for me, One for my pet
IG Decorated Footed Glass
5005 Terry Lerner IG Leash Hook Sterling Silver Chihuahuas Earrings
5006 Pink/Green Dichroic Glass Necklace Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
5007 Green/Blue Dichroic Glass Necklace Sterling Silver Necklace w/Silver Plate Heart
5008 The Book of the Greyhound Squeaker Mat - Dog Toy
5009 Rescued Dog Magnet & Collar Charm Italian Greyhound Nuts and Bolts Book
5010 Six Delicious Moo Chews Colorful "Lady's" Baseball Cap
5011 IG Magazines from 1986 "The Classic" ~ IG Necklace
5012 Black Ceramic Sitting IG Figurine Small Pet Stairs
5013 Quilted Patriotic Print Dog Pad/Blanket Jade & Chinese Coins IG Necklace
5014 IG Magazines from 1987 Blue Crystal Triple Strand IG's Necklace

Tile - Curled IG in Weathered Turquoise

Book: Man's Best Friend
5016 Tile - 3 Graceful Running IGs Signed Book and Hand-Knitted Sweater
5017 IG/Whippet Figurine Gorgeous Hand Crocheted Antique Rose and Off White Lap Afghan
5018 Resin Greyhound/IG Figurine Swarovski Crystal Double Strand IG's Necklace
5019 Graceful IG in Circle 3-D Decal "I Love My Italian Greyhound" CAR MAGNETS!
5020 "Love My Greyhounds" Decal Choice of IG Necklaces ~ 10" & 11.5"

Item Description Item Description
6001 Gorgeous Hand Crocheted Blue and Off White Lap Afghan Hand Knit Custom Sweater

Sterling Silver IG/Greyhound Earrings

Red IG Christmas Stocking, Collar and Hat Set
6003 Sterling Silver Necklace w/Sterling Silver Doghouse Frame Green IG Christmas Stocking, Collar and Hat Set
6004 IG Magazines from 1992 "Toto in Basket" Waterglobe
6005 Sterling Silver Necklace w/Sterling Silver Doghouse Frame "On The Yellow Brick Road" Trinket Box
6006 Sterling Silver "TOP DOG" Bone-Shaped Earrings Cherry Print Fleece IG Sweatshirt
6007 "Stop The Shots" Book Quilted "Sponge Bob" Pad/Blanket with Red Border
6008 Green Ceramic Sculptured IG Head Pendant Lovely Floral-Patterned Wire Earrings
6009 Yellow Ceramic Sculptured IG Head Pendant Pretty Lavendar and Silver Beaded Earrings
6010 Handmade Washable Afghan for IG Enamel IG/GH Lapel Pin or Tie Tac
6011 IG Magazines from 1988 Old Fashioned Goldtone IG Pin
6012 IG Head Study Postcards IG Greyhound Tie Clasp Art Deco
6013 Quilted "Sponge Bob" Pad/Blanket with Yellow Border Deco Emerald Tone IG, Turtle & Rabbit Pins
6014 IG Magazines from 1989 Sterling Silver Twelve-Paws Bracelet

IG Magazines from 1990

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant w/ Sterling Silver IG Head Overlay
6016 Resin Greyhound/IG Figurine Sterling Silver Heart Pendant w/Gold IG Head Overlay
6017 IG Magazines - Years 1990 - 1999 Goldtone Running IG or Greyhound Stick Pin
6018 IG Magazines - Years 2000 - 2007 Running IG Figurine on Pedestal
6019 Cold Drink Cooler Carrier with Radio! "Forever Friends" Print
6020 Pink Satin & Fur Robe for IG Princess (Gracie Models) Antique Greyhound Color Engraving from 1878

Item Description Item Description
7001 "Come Float With Me" Iggy Print Vintage Greyhound Tin Treat Box

"Pet Me" Post Earrings

Quilted All-Cotton IG Pad/Blanket
7003 "Pet Me" Necklace Cool Size Medium Tee Shirt IG or Greyhound
7004 Handpainted Round Ceramic Pendants UNIQUE IG/Greyhound/Whippet Necklace & Earrings WOW!
7005 Handpainted Oval Ceramic Pendants Vintage Unusual Ceramic Greyhound or Whippet
7006 Martingale Collar with Matching 6 Foot Leash IG Magazines from 1997
7007 Saluki / Greyhound / Large Whippet Jammies / Jogging Suit Hawaii Fun Fur Socks and Pony Tail Holder (Child shoe size 6-8)
7008 "SnuggleSack Iggy" Print Sterling Silver Standing IG Post Earrings
7009 "Waiting on a Friend" Print Silvertone Playing IG/GH Pin
7010 Custom Holiday Cards Goldtone Playing IG/GH Pin
7011 IG Head Study Pencil Art Postcards Black Playing IG/GH Pin
7012 IG Profile Head Study Pencil Art Postcards Gorgeous Sterling Diana & Hounds Earrings
7013 IG Magazines from 1996 New Companion Road Pet Fashons Red Plaid Coat
7014 IG Magazines from 1998 Book: "Real Food For Dogs"

IG Magazines from 1994

Sitting IG Pin/Pendant
7016 Resin Greyhound Dog Figurine Small Stuffed Squeaker Bear
7017 Custom Holiday Cards Running Fawn IG Figurine
7018 Stylish IG Coat - Red with Black Trim Greyhound Transfer Stickers/Cards
7019 "My Owner's Hotter" IG Shirt - xxs Greenies Tee (XL)
7020 Matted & Backed Greyhound Print 1920 Spain Handmade 3-Peg Leash Holder

Item Description Item Description
8001 Resin IG/GH Dog Figurine Digital Painting of your Dog

3/8" Colorful Nylon Martingale Collars and Matching Leashes

Italian Greyhound Garden Flags
8003 Small 3/8" Gray Nylon Martingale Collars and Matching Leashes Italian Greyhound Guardian Earrings
8004 3/4" Nylon Martingale Collars and Matching Leashes Italian Greyhound Guardian Pendant
8005 Cute Pink Piggy Toy Greyhound Area Rug DuPont Optique GORGEOUS!
8006 Aquamarine Crystal IG Neckwear Vintage Limited Edition Pewter Greyhound & Girl
8007 Blue Tiger Eye Double Strand IG Neckwear "Ex Libris" Linocut Print
8008 IG Needlepoint Pillow with Red Checked Border Kiln-Fused Asymmetrical Running Hound Pendant
8009 IG Needlepoint Pillow with Pattern Background Abstract Kiln-Fused Coursing Hound Pendant
8010 "Run Free" - 100% Cotton Women's Tee 1996 Lompoc IG Rescue Parade VHS Tape
8011 IG Profile Head Study Pencil Art Postcards 1997 IGCA IG Rescue Parade VHS Tape
8012 IG Magazines from 1999 Cute Novelty Photo Frame Fridge Magnets
8013 IG Magazines from 2000 10" Triple Strand African Turquoise & Hematite IG Neckwear
8014 IG Magazines from 1993 Dark Blue Ceramic Sculptured IG Head Pendant

RARE Antique Minton Italian Greyhound Plate

Light Blue Ceramic Sculptured IG Head Pendant
8016 Sojos European-Style Dog Food Mix Light Gray Ceramic Sculptured IG Head Pendant
8017 Stylish Fleece and Faux Fur Collar Covers Venetian Scene with IG Pendant
8018 11" African Turquoise & Hematite IG Neckware Print of 2007 BIA Mascot Romeo
8019 Personally Designed Web Site Small Silvertone Easel Frame
8020 IG Magazines - August 1969 to November/December 1992 Unusual Vintage Primitive IG Pin Mexico
8041 "Recycled Hearts" - Women's Tee 8042 Collectable Book: "How to Raise and Train an Italian Greyhound" by Louis Russo

Crate or Snuggle Blanket, Fuchsia/Turquiose

Crate or Snuggle Blanket, Tan/Brown