Humphrey - Presidential Candidate

Metal: 18K gold over sterling silver

Metal Color: Silver or yellow

Stones: .21 ctw. sapphires

Length: 18" cable chain


Genuine Sapphire Pendant with Diamond Accents
18 K Gold Over Sterling!!!!!

Shine with the calming hue of blue. Sapphire is the ultimate blue stone and you'll treasure the colorful gemstones and sparkling diamond accents on this heart pendant. This lovely heart pendant is crafted in 18K gold over sterling silver. It would be appropriate to wear with a formal dress and would also look lovely with jeans!!! The heart will remind you of the love you have for your animal best friends.

Diamond accent: the look of diamonds at an unbeatable value. Item contains one or more diamonds at less than .10 ct. t.w.

I love created sapphires because of the purity and clarity of the gemstones. Created gemstones have the same chemical, physical and optical properties of the natural gems. They are simply grown under a controlled environment. Think of a rose grown in a hothouse and a rose grown in a garden. They are the same except one is grown under a controlled environment and is not subject to the inconsistencies of nature.

WIN this exquisite genuine created sapphire and diamond pendant as shown above. All you need to do is donate $1 or more to the IGCA Health Fund, send a photo of your animal candidate (ANY ANIMAL THAT YOU LOVE!) and a political position for that animal (for example...Dogretary of State). You must decide whether your pet should be listed under Re-Pup-IG-ans or Bird-o-crats. If your animal is already listed below...and you have already donated...please send a "reminder" to:

just so that I have your e-mail address on file. You will then be automatically eligible for winning the pendant. For each $1 (or more) donation to the Health Fund including will receive one chance to win.

During the week of the USA Presidential election EVERYONE will vote for a total of three candidates. Ballots may be split between political parties. Please vote for THE THREE CUTEST photos. Votes will be sent to Judy Longhouse at:

Whoever receives THE MOST votes will win the pendant!!! PLEASE DO NOT ASK ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE!!! We do not want a rigged election!!!! Everyone is allowed one ballot and must make three choices. There are no big bucks involved here. Just lots of fun!!!! The lucky winner of this pendant WILL BE THRILLED! The big winners, of course, will be THE DOGS!!!! The IGCA Health Fund helps ALL DOGS...not just rescues. So all of our dogs will benefit from this election!

Start donating and send your photos!!! Get in on the fun and be eligible to win the sapphire heart!!!!



Mr. Sam Howardean Parrot - Campaign Manager to Humphrey.

Mikey Sulcata Tortoise Barber - Secretary of FAST Emergency Disaster Relief (It must be noted that Mikey isn't terribly fond of running on the Birdocrat ticket since since she is a lifelong member of the RePUBtile Party.




However, she is gracefully accepting the invitation to run. At 48 pounds Mikey outweighs any Italian Greyhound in history including all of the La Scala beauties...and is willing to use her considerable clout on behalf of the Birds.)



Henrietta Great Egret - Secretary of FISH and Wildlife



Chaka Gemeinhardt the 10" Brown Throated Conure - Chief Screamer for Homeland Security

Abba -Chief Siren of the Civil De-Fence Unit


Abba a 13 year old yellow collar macaw is lurking toward what he sees out the window. A Public Defender, A Protector, and the best Security Alarm ever Strangers out the window, UPS and the Garbage trucks set him off.



Elliott Heinrichs - CIA Specialist in Farrier Affairs

Photo by Sara Heinrichs

Flapjack Heinrichs -

Chief Brayer

in Charge of

Barnyard Standards

Photo by Sara Heinrichs


Please check the photo above illustrating how our candidate, Flapjack, reaches across the aisle to other species, and thus can see both sides of an issue? While refusing to move in either direction?

Donkeys for American Obstructionism

"I'm Flapjack Heinrichs, and I approved this message. (I WON'T, dammitall, and you can't make me!)"



Paddy Palmer the Rescue Dog:  Chief Doorman at the Palmer Sighthound Hilton Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Candidate for Secretary of State.

More Birdocrats

Hershey - Agent of CIA
(Canine Intelligence Agency)
Retrieval Unit


Alpaca Director of Flamingos &
Other Kiwi Irregulars


Paddy - King Parrot of the Kiwis
Official Birdocrat Chief of
Special Forces Unit in Charge of
Keeping ALL Iggies In Order!

Henrietta Great White Heron...Biggest Blabbermouth.... er Chief Communicator on Haynes Creek (if you haven't heard it from hasn't happened!)

Mortimer Turkey Vulture -
Secretary of Ill-Health and less than
Human Final Services

Godfrey Alligator - Emperor in Charge of Tasty Morsels and Treats INCLUDING Boiled, Baked and Broiled IGs!

Belle Barber - Secretary of Plate (that is, anything that's on one of her humans' plate. If that position is not available, she feels she would be well qualified to be Secretary of The Pleasury. She knows all about pleasure. Her life is devoted to it.

Mara St. Bernard O'Connor
BELOVED Cousin of
THE Queen ...
Director of Leisure
Loafing and Lounging


Start donating and send your photos!!!
Get in on the fun and be eligible to win the sapphire heart!!!!

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