BIA 2006 is officially closed!

Many heartfelt thanks to all who participated...the iggies you have helped also thank you!

This is Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation's and IGCA Health Fund's




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IGRF and IGCA Health Fund Auction Crew 2006:

Joan Carnes

Carmela Ciampa

Judy Longhouse

Holly Mastromatto

Anne McCaffrey

Joe O'Brien, in Spirit

Blanche Wallace

Patty Woodbury

Donna Carrick, treasurer


IGSA Auction Crew 2006:

Loni Corner

Shannon McClure


This year our BIA 2006 mascot, pictured in the logo is Tazi Woodbury, an IGRF Rescue IG

currently living in his forever home with Patty, Steve, Tahlah, SKY and Jellie Woodbury.


The BIA 2006 is dedicated to the memory of Joe O'Brien.

Please click here to view his memorial page.

Please contact Patty Woodbury or Carmela Ciampa with questions or concerns about this site


This site was created in April 2006