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Well, I'm very glad that you came to visit me to hear MY side of the story! With Sirius S. Lewis, Esq. to back me up-you'll know it's all true! And even my Grandma Ruth will tell you I'm perfect! You will read about her on another page.


From time to time my Mom tells ghastly stories about my behavior. They are all lies!!! Don't believe a word she says.Anyway... with all my royalness as a Queen, how could those stoopid tales possibly be true?


My Dad, THE King, can tell you that I am PERFECT! And Georgie knows how wonderful I am too. He prefers to remain "low key". That's because he's dumb. But I have a high profile. It's part of the territory in the Queen business. Also... Georgie is not all that innocent; he tries to steal my toys!!


Mortimer, Humphrey and company need to be kept in line and I do a superb job at that. And, those ghastly Pomeranians that come my way need to be put in their place too. So, you think it's easy? NOT! (I would love to tell you more about Pomeranians but Mama made me promise not to swear today.)


In the following pages, you will learn the truth about ME and how important I am. Oh, I know my Mom loves me, please don't misunderstand me. BUT, she tends to focus on the antics she describes as misbehavior when, indeed, they are the actions of a true Queen. It's all in the interpretation, you see.

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