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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Royal Members of Queen Gracie's Court

Macey's Royal Attendant is Kirsten Salayko


Sir Kestrel

His Royal Attendant is Pamela Benus

My Dearest Queen,

My name is Kestrel Dreams, isn't that romantic? Can I be on your royal court? I also have a hard life being the only IG surrounded by Whippets. I hardly ever steal toys and I only bite when Whippet Sage won't play with me. Please forgive me since I'm only a 9 month old
puppy boy. You are so beautiful you must also be very kind.



Dear Kestrel, considering your hard life and the fact that unlike Georgie, you don't steal toys,

I now appoint you Sir Kestrel and you are an honored member of my Royal Court.

This should elevate your status with the Whippets and they will now beg you to play.
Yes, I am beautiful and now you see for yourself that your hunch was right and I am kind.

Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie






Dictated by Whippet Sage,

I protest Kestrel being invited to be on Queen Gracie's court. Although I enjoy playing with him, he does STEAL toys and he does BITE me. But the worse offence is what he did when I was getting my picture taken.

As a model yourself I'm sure you realize what a pain he is after seeing the pictures. BTW my eyes are fine. My photographer was incompetent..so hard to find good help as you probably know.

Whippet Princess Sage CRX (that means I'm pretty fast)



Dear Whippet Sage,

although I can understand your frustration, NO ONE questions the Queen! I was going to say, "Off with your head!" but your speed and accomplishment have saved you from that fate.

And, in thinking it over, I admire your courage, so I hereby appoint you Earl Sage.

Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie


Your Royal Highness,
I humbly submit this picture of myself so that I may be included among
your courtiers. I hope all the positions are not already filled.

Charlie Oliver CGC TDI


Dear Charlie Oliver, your beauty shows clearly in the pic and I can do nothing else
but appoint you Lord Charlie Oliver taking into consideration the CGC and TDI you have earned.

I am honored to have you as a member of my Royal Court.

Her Royal Highness,
Queen Gracie


I've attached a photo of myself, Maximilian (Max forshort and Mom says it should be MaxiMillion becauseI'm a rescue and I've cost her so much). I'm prettysure I should be part of Gracie's court (and NOT thejester either!) because I'm such a good boy. I'm 100%
potty trained and I'm always really nice to the fosterdogs that come to stay with us (even if I don't likethem). I used to be a foster dog myself so I know how hard it is!

Anyway, I promise to give Gracie half of a chewie and
two pig ears if she'll let me into her Kingdom.



Dear Max,

Your tolerance of fosters and your impeccable potty habits are commendable, indeed,but the promise of half of a chewie and the two pig ears have surely won you a place in my Royal Court. I hereby appoint you Duke Maximillian.

And, the fact that you're so handsome was absolutely a consideration.


Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie






I wish to join Queen Gracie's Court. I'm sending two pics, one to show my regal beauty and the other to demonstrate my ability to command my subjects. I think I would be a great asset to Queen Gracie because I know how to keep my humans in line. I can defend her
highness from any attacks from large stuffed animals, I've destuffed every one to ever come in my path. Plus I think The Queen is quite the catch and wouldn't mind her teaching me a few new tricks. I could always use more treats.

Nero aka "King Furooki" with the help of Jocelyn



Dear Nero,

Hmmm......I don't know where to begin...

I am extremaly impressed at your de-stuffing abilities and your ability to keep humans in line would definitely take care of my Mom when she tells those ghastly stories about me.And, you're soooo handsome!

Well, with no further ado, I hereby appoint you Count Nero.

And, I AM looking forward to the new tricks. ;)

Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie




Ahem... introducing Mr.Peabody and SherMAN (all man, or so his daddy
says), who is not yet emboldened enough to reveal himself to the
Queen (prefering to stay under the blanket). Mr. Peabody, on the
other hand, doth totally giveth himself over unto Her Royal Highness.

from some of us "who care,"
Mary and the boys


Dear Mr. Peabody and SherMAN,

your willingness to serve the Queen is quite evident. Your handsome selves will definitely be majestic additions to the Queen's Royal Court. SherMAN, you are showing your intelligence staying under that blanket - I admire your penchant for comfort. And, Mr. Peabody, what can I say? You are definitely centerfold material.

I hereby appointed you Barons Peabody and SherMAN.

Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie






Dear Mandi and Mitzi,

your adorable faces and cute ears have qualified you for a position in my Royal Court. And, the fact that you live close to me and can wait on me hand and foot played an important part in the decision.

I hereby appoint you Princesses Mitzi and Mandi.

Her Royal Highness

Queen Gracie




To the Queen from EMPEROR HUMPHREY:

Now hear this Queen Gracie. YOU OWE ME!!!! I demand a spot in the Italian Greyhound Royal Court!!! Should you decide to move out of my territory I will be delighted to have my portrait removed and move out of yours. Until then...everybody in dogdom is gonna see a GREAT Blue Heron sitting on a dog site looking more magnificent than any Iggy in Iggydom INCLUDING YOU!!! Eat'cher heart out Queenie!!!

to Emperor Humphrey from Queen Gracie:

There is NO love lost between us. I will NOT move out of MY territory!!! If you insist on looking ridiculous in an Italian Greyhound Royal Court...that's your business. On the occasion of next Thanksgiving I plan to dine on a large gray bird (that is neither Blue nor Great) and is also definitely NOT a turkey. You've got 3 guesses who is going serve as the main course!!! Start saying your prayers. I'm counting
down the days!!!!




Your Royal Highness,
This is my pic that you requested that I send to you.
I would like to be your official blanket tester. It will my job to make sure that all blankets are comfortable enough for you. And of course your tender skin must be protected from any rough and uncomfortable blankets.
I humbly offer my services to you.
Your loyal subject

Dear Fiori-

You are a very clever and handsome Iggy. The Queen is very pleased that you will test her blankets and due to your willingness to do so now appoints you Prince Fiori.

I hope that you will keep my Royal Photo in a very special place. Thank you for the generous donation that prompted me to send it to you!

Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie


To All Canines Everywhere...Especially Her Majesty Queen Gracie!

As a member of HRH Queen Gracie's Royal Court and a Licensed Canine Attorney ...it is my pleasure, duty and obligation to spring (er release) all naughty Iggies, etc. from the coop (er doghouse). It goes without saying that you're all guilty as h***...uh heck...and deserving of THE WORST. However...with my help your wayward, insubordinate and irresponsible ways will continue. I will make sure that you remain free (while wallowing in the lap of luxury). I work strictly for bones and occasionally bucks. Should you wish to donate the sum of $5 to Italian Greyhound Rescue aka IGRF... I will be delighted to send you my legal opinion on your current mischievousness, misdemeanor or felony. Please send your legal problems to Sir Sirius S. Lewis, Esq. via: Longhousej@aol.com

I remain your Humble and Obedient Servant,

Sir Sirius S. Lewis Esq.
Canine Shyster...er Attorney at Law
and Resident Expert on Garbage Can Raids


Dear Sirius S. Lewis, Esquire,

your willingness to help Iggies of all kinds, naughty or nice, has won you a position in my Royal Court. I hereby appoint you Prince Sirius. I am especially proud of your accomplishments with garbage can raids -most admirable. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for offering your services to Iggies everywhere.


Her Royal Highness,

Queen Gracie



Sirius S. Lewis, Esquire now has his own web page! Click HERE to visit.




HRH, Queen Grace,

I wish to present, HRH, The Princess Crush AKA: Int'l./Am. CH Aroleh's Orange Crush.!! Her regal air is apparent, sans a diamond tiara. She prefers to lounge, er, ah, sunbathe in the tropical Texas great outdoors. When she "lets her hair down", she is really a comical little thing.........hummm, perhaps she's somehow related to the Court Jester??

Lora Hawthorne

Dear Ms. Hawthorne,

The Princess Crush is worthy of membership in Our Royal Court. She is elegant, graceful and absolutely gorgeous. We are thrilled to welcome her to this website!!! Thank you for sending such a beeyouteeful photo.

Majestically Yours,

Queen Gracie



HRH, Queen Grace,

I am the REAL Molly Monster that you have read about on Italgrey-l. I will be an addition to your Royal Court because I am so naughty and you are my idol.

Dear Molly Monster,

My Mom has told me all about you and in my Royal opinion you are the epitomy of naughty iggies. I welcome you to my Royal Court and can't wait to wreak havoc with you.

Majestically Yours,

Queen Gracie

Edict from Queen Gracie to all who view this pic: Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! The entire Italian Greyhound Community mourns the loss of Collie Queen Betsey who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Queen Betsey was a royal cousin to all Iggies everywhere and she was also THE FINEST of Collie aristocracy!!!

Our sympathy and much love is extended to Betsey's human Mama, Barbara Leggette.
Collie Rescue of Mississippi/Meadowview Collies
Giving Them a Second Chance at Life and Love
www. mscolrsq.org

Dear Queen Gracie.

While i might not be a Queen, I have the talent to play one. My busy schedule of personal appearances and all those scripts I have to read, has left me little time to practice my regal look and demeanor, but i am sure i can get back in the swing of things quickly. I just got back from a long ride on my Harley, so forgive the fact Iam not in my Oscar dress.


Dear Harley Girl,

your flamboyance has caught my eye. I am in awe of your outfit and command you to take me for a Harley ride ASAP! You are now Lady Harley Girl and are an official member of my Royal Court.

Her Royal Highness

Queen Gracie

By edict of Queen Gracie!!!!! The Royal Cousin, Pug King Winston Graves is a truly majestic addition to the Italian Greyhound Royal Court!!!! Long live THE PUG KING!!!!


Upon reviewing the Queen's court, I was impressed with the quality of the nobility with which she surrounds herself. Likewise, the assemblage is not lacking in number. What appeared to be lacking, though, is a representative of the lower nobility, one similar to the loveable Sir John Falstaff-that lover of wine, women, and song; that braggart, who is at heart a bit of a coward; and the erstwhile boon companion, father figure, and drinking buddy of Prince Hal. To round out your court, I nominate our hound, Bobby. Thank you in advance for your consideration of my request.

Regally Yours,

James & Inga-Maria C.
Proud Parents of Bobby the Basset Hound

Dearest Bobby Basset,

Please inform your parents that the Italian Greyhound Royal Queen does NOT usually consort, communicate or in any other way carouse with that inferior species called humans. The Queen prefers to communicate only with canines. However...your parents did have the good sense to choose you (which elevates them a full rung on the evolutionary ladder. Therefore, please extend to both James & Inga-Maria ... Queen Gracie's best wishes.

Now...on to more important matters. Your rugged handsomeness, unsurpassed stubborness, loyalty and Munch-matic abilities have earned you a special place in the Royal Court. You have touched THE Queen's Heart. We dub you SIR Bobby Basset Hound Connelly.

Officially Yours,
Gracie, Queen of ALL Hounds

"In Loving Memory of Bobby from his MANY admirers in the Italian Greyhound community".


By Royal Whim of Queen Gracie please welcome Irish Wolfhound Cormac Mac Airt and Studley the Maltese to The Royal Court. Queen Gracie dubs the Cormac..a royal Earl!!! Earl Cormac is now The Royal Protector. Studley has been selected as The Royal Page and will begin his duties IMMEDIATELY!!! Queen Gracie thanks the human Mama of Cormac & Studley for allowing her precious babies to be presented at the Italian Greyhound Royal Court.

I am in awe of your beauty and benevolence towards the other most
wonderful, and more deserving, IGGYs who are already attendants in your
royal court.
I submit a photo that plays two roles today: it signifies the
degradation I must deal with daily from my owner, and yet it also may
give me a glimmer of hope of a position in your royal court as, perhaps,
your jester, if the position is not already filled? If it is, I will
most humbly take anything your gracious heart has to offer me. I do not
know what I do to deserve such torture as to have to wear sweaters and
collars such as this. I only run about the house as any IGGY would do,
chew things as any IGGY would do, do my business as any IGGY would do.
And what is my reward? A collar such as this? Tragedy. Your graciousness
would be a bright spot in my day.

Marchwind Renoir (but you can call me Reni)

Dear Reni,

because you are not only in awe of my beauty but my benevolence towards the other attendants in the Royla Court, you deserve a position without question.

And, the fact that you dressed up so beautifully (and against your will as any proper Iggy would agree) for the occasion prompted my decision to make you Fair Lady Reni. You may start waiting on me promptly!



HRH, Queen Gracie

" Sir Thanks"; Fox Terrier Extraordinaire; Master of the Queen Gracie
French Contingent, son of Josiane Pie; resident of Marseille, France. Sir Thanks is not only incredibly handsome and brave...he is also bi-lingual!!! His Sainted Mama knows that he is the smartest Foxy in the world!!!

Prince Cippolini Stoop of Belgium ... Royal cousin to Queen Gracie and much loved family member. The Prince reigns over both Brussels and Antwerp Belgium. He is a Whippet Prince and beloved by all who meet him.

By Order of Queen Gracie Mr. Speedy Tangnes, Whippet Extraordinaire...has been dubbed Sir Speedy of Norway and has been appointed to the position of Royal Pomeranian Repeller. Speedy lives with his Sainted Daddy, Sissel Tangnes, in Norway with a passel of long-haired Iggies called Shetland Sheepdogs aka Shelties.

Here is Yogi Smith the er ah.... Pomeranian. It's a good thing I love Auntie Joyce Smith. Even though I'm down on most Poms...Yogi is of royal blood and is a good dog. Therefore I appoint him a Prince of Poms and of IGs. He is indeed a Pomeranian Extraordinaire!


After viewing the pitiful throng of consorts with which the QUEEN has surrounded herself - the first stiff wind would blow them all away - Mr. Pum, aka Pineflats Jam'n Butter, aka the WALL, felt he should offer his services...

"jEEZ, Gracie, QUEEN like youse needs a REAL STUD to lookout fer her, an da Pumster's yer man.  Jest call on me,, and I'll be dere sometime after lunch, maybe after DINNER, depends on da menu. CALL me.


Mr. (to youse IGGIE squirts wid da skinny legs...) Pum"


Bonjour La Roi Gracie!

I am a prince myself...as you can clearly see. I've trained my human servant well and I take good care of her. No one comes in this house or walks by on the street without my permission. I have the perfect secret weapon to repel any trespassers. At least any trespassers without gas masks.

I'd like to offer my services to your court. And you can sit on my throne any time.

Ça va bien,

p.s. Pull my finger!



Court Jester Deva Kloehn (English Setter) to Gracie's Royal Court.

Lady Ch. Merrylegs Little Dickens JE ... High Commissioner of Naughty as the Dickens Canines. Affectionally known as "Dicksie"; Welsh Terrier Extraordinaire!


Message From Scottish Terrier Queen:

I am Queen Munchen, Your Royal Highness of The Scottie Kingdom of Clune. I just adore your Royal Highness's pictures and I would gladly align my subjects to honor your Royal Court and Kingdom, on one condition.
August 15th is National Scottie Dog Day in our Kingdom, and I would like to also make that National Italian Greyhound day. Between both of our Kingdoms, we will be powerful and control many small provinces. I would be honored with your answer as quickly as possible. The Bloodhounds want to sign an alliance with us, but, I think they have their noses in everybody else's business a little too much as it is. Scotties and Italian Greyhounds, yes a very strong alliance. Signed,
Your Royal Highness Munchen of Clune.

Answer from Queen Gracie:

Dear Queen Munchen,

My answer is a RESOUNDING YES!!!! Italian Greyhounds and Scotties are BEST FRIENDS! It is a pleasure to welcome you to Queen Gracie's Royal Court. We Italian Greyhounds love our Scottish Terrier cousins!

from Sheridanes Our Gracie an Italian Greyhound Queen

Sir Bar-nyi (Tibetan Spaniel from England and adopted "son" of Warwick):  Ambassador to the Barnyard



Here is a Boston Terrier who speaks strictly French! He lives in France where he WOWs every little girl dog in Paris! His name is: Boston multi ch Au feu les pompiers du Grand fresnoy. He is pictured here with his daughter, Coco Chanel du Grand fresnoy. They are the French Marquis (and family) representatives from France to the Queen Gracie Levrier Royal Court!



Here is Borzoi Multi CH Le sphinx Fenix du Grand fresnoy and his lovely human Mama Marie-Helene at Versaille. Fenix is Ambassador Extraordinaire in Charge of French Pastries to the Queen Gracie Levrier Royal Court!



Sir Gabber Sip: Resident of the Netherlands, Wire Fox Terrier son of Johanna. Sir Gabber is Special Envoy from all things Dutch to the Queen Gracie Windhund embassy in Lima, NY. Sir Gabber specializes in Tulips, Windmills, Canals and Fire Hydrants.


French Bulldog Extraordinaire:  Queen Carma, daughter of Verbal Grebe. She weighs in at a delicate 16 pounds, is proud, naughty..... er haughty and opinionated...as befits all canine Royalty. The proud human Queen Mother is my buddy, Jan Grebe...current President of the French Bulldog Club of America. Jan appreciates Italian Greyhounds and will even admit that Iggies and Frenchies are indeed related!!!! FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network) and the Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue are BEST FRIENDS!



Lady Aussie Ward Schipperke Royal Canine Daughter of Gwenn Ward; Castle Mistress of Grooming


Miss Jonty Simone Cartman-Puggle....Chambermaid (She was disappointed with her appointment as Chambermaid.   Ms. Puggle has always dreamed of becoming a serving wench! Ah well...c'est la vie!!!

"I wanna serve the drinks!"


Lady Roseanne Chihuahua Ward Inside Sentry


Lady Emmy Valentine, Schipperke Canine Extraordinaire and Talented Piddler: Mistress of the Privy Chamber Lady


ZELDA:  Pug Breed...er Snortsalot Breed: Lady in Waiting & Canadian Spy Ambassador in FULL DISGUISE MODE!



in Charge of Leisure, Loafing and Lounging


Sir Tim Franks .... Keeper of the White Light at the Rainbow Bridge; much loved Collie son of Deb Franks.

Someday...Tim will show Queen Gracie the way.

In Loving Memory of King Joe Ries, Wire Fox Terrier Extraordinaire. This beautiful incredibly special dog was loved by Janice and Dale Ries and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 11/18/09. He will NEVER be forgotten!

Lord Spikey Tang; Sealyham Terrier Extraordinaire; Resident of Hong Kong and Trusted Advisor to Queen Gracie.

In memory of special Collie, Will Leggette, who was given a "Second Chance at Life and Love".

He is now and always will be....AN ANGEL!!!


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