0729 - Soft Warm Sweaters for YOUR Pampered IG Pooch!

Here are three incredibly soft warm sweaters for your Pampered IG Pooch!

They were made by Flapjack's Mom, Barb Heinrichs who is an accomplished knitter.

MANY THANKS TO BARB!!! (And Flapjack isn't an IG. You wouldn't BELIEVE what he is!!! <VBG>)

These sweaters benefit IGRF.

1. HAND KNIT Grey, Blue and White Fluff Sweater. Fits 9 to 11.5 pound IG.

Made with microfiber and acryllic yarn. VERY stylish!!!

Machine wash and dry. $38

2. HAND KNIT Lavender Dream Sweater. Fits 10 to 14 pound IG. Made with Lavender Mohair with lovely lace cable panel on the back. VERY stylish!!

Hand wash cool, dry flat. $29

3. HAND KNIT Multi-Color Delight Sweater. Fits 10 to 14 pound IG. Made with yarn that is 54% mohair, 23% pure silk and the rest is nylon and wool. This yarn is LOVELY! Again the color and style is LOVELY!

Hand wash cool, dry flat. $35

The model for all 3 sweaters is Queen Gracie who was generously paid off in treats.

If paying by check please email your order to Judy Longhouse at LonghouseJ@aol.com

If ordering and paying by PayPal please use buttons below.