076 - Italian Greyhound Bronze Sculptures

Reproductions in Cold Cast Bronze of TWO Italian Greyhound Sculptures
by Pierre Jules Mene 1810 - 1871

Here are two of the most beautiful Italian Greyhound sculptures in Iggydom. These are NOT Greyhounds...but definite IGs. The sculptor was Pierre Jules Mene. Mene was born in Paris in 1810 and died there in 1871. Mene was the most successful and prolific animalier of his day. He won four medals at the Paris Salon and at major exhibitions, receiving the Cross of the Le`gion d`Honneur in 1861. His bronzes possessed a warm, friendly style of romanticism. Mene developed his own unique style of naturalism and became the most important and influential animalier of his time.

These sculptures are reproductions of original Mene works. They were made with cold cast bronze and antiqued by hand. The definition and intricate details of this piece are simply beautiful. The special production process of this piece, originated in Great Britain, uses actual bronze powder mixed in the cold cast resin in order to ensure a richer, more life-like presentation. The piece is a truly artistic and lively representation of the breed. The polished elegance and refined beauty delivers the essence of Art Deco and provides a captivating focal point for your decor.

Some people do not collect metal canine sculptures because they seem "cold" and far removed from the warmth and vitality of a living dog. The bronze in these sculptures is softened by the resin...and the effect is utterly breathtaking. These are such incredibly lovely Italian Greyhound sculptures that they would enhance the beauty of almost any home!

Single Front View

Single Back View

Single 3/4 Front View

Double Front View

Double Back View

Double 3/4 Front View

Measurements of Single IG Sculpture: 7 & 1/2" H

Measurements of Double IG Sculpture: 7 & 1/2" H x 10" L

Price of Single: $55 including USA shipping

Price of Double: $89 including USA shipping

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Sale of these sculptures benefits the IGCA Health Fund.

Quantities are limited to 5 of the Single Version and 9 of the Double Version.

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