0729 - Designer Duds for Dogs...er Iggies Chez Loother

Treat yourself and your IG to a special ORIGINAL designer clothing item. The designer is Barbara Heinrichs and she is an artist via both knitting needles and a sewing machine! Each item below was lovingly handcrafted by Barb for the benefit of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.

One of the models is a gorgeous Italian Greyhound by the name of Loother...er Luther (he doesn't spell very well). That's OK. He models like a dream and has been fully paid off in treats. The other model is a disGRACE with delusions of Queenhood who has also been paid off in ill-deserved treats.

The designs below can only be found HERE at IG Rescue Merchandise Central!

For USA buyers all prices INCLUDE the cost of shipping!

#1- Grey, Blue and White Fluff Sweater. Fits 9 to 11.5 pound IG.

Made with microfiber and acryllic yarn. VERY stylish!!!

Machine wash and dry. $38 including shipping

#2 - Coral Fluff Sweater

Here is a deep coral sweater made from 60% polyester and 40% microfiber. It sports an eyecatching soft fluff design. The size is medium and this will fit an IG weighing from 10 pounds to 14 pounds.

This sweater can be washed in cool water. Tumble dry on low.

$35 including shipping!

#3 - Cranberry Delight Sweater for YOUR Special Little Girl!

Here is a sweater in deep red cranberry tones. It is made of 100% acryllic and can be machine washed and dried (gentle cycle, low heat). This sweater is incredibly warm. It works best on a female because of the bottom line length.

This sweater would fit a 10 to 15 pound IG beautifully!

$35 including shipping

#4 - WARM! Fleece Lined Wool Overcoat

Here is a lovely warm 100% acrylic fleece-lined 100% wool overcoat. The colors are in warm beige and grey plaid. There is an attached hood that is also fully lined. Although the sidestraps appear to fasten via button...they actually attach easily via velcro!

The design is absolutely elegant!!!

Hand wash or cold water gentle machine (Woolite).

Lay flat to dry.

This coat would best fit an IG weighing 11 to 14.5 pounds.

$45 including shipping

#5 - PJs or Fleece Fall Coat Rescue Squad Design

Here are TWO lightweight fleece PJs or fall shirts. Although these could technically fit a male as well as a female....the long underline renders this more suitable for females.

The design is delightful in dark "Rescue Squad" fabric.

Size is best for IGs weighing between 11 and 14 pounds.

Machine wash in cold water.

Tumble dry on low.

$29 each including shipping

#6 - Creamy White & Charcoal Sweater

Here is a gorgeous creamy white and charcoal sweater.

It is made of 100% acrylic. The trim color yarn is an acrylic/nylon/wool blend.

This is machine washable in cool water, dry flat.

This would fit an 11.5 pound to 15 pound IG.

$35 including shipping

#7 - Cuddler Coat Pullover in Light Suntan

Here is a furry cuddler coat pullover in light suntan.

There is a scrunch collar.

The fabric is microfleece polyester and acrylic.

This would fit a 9 to 12 pound IG.

Machine wash warm and dry on low.

including shipping

#8 - Rose and Peach Fluff Sweater

Here is a delightful 60% polyester and 40% microfiber rose and peach fluff sweater.

It could be machine washed and dried on low.

The design is absolutely GORGEOUS! This would fit an 8.5 to 11 pound IG.

$35 including shipping

#9- Light Suntan Sweater

Diamonds are a girl's best friend..at least if they're chilly!!! This sweater in light suntan features a beautiful diamond design on the back. The yarn is made of wool/mohair/acrylic blend yarns. The neck is edged in a charming picot. There is a multi-color diamond lace panel down the back with colors repeated in the collar.

This could be machine washed in cool water (woolite) and machine dried on cool.

The sweater should fit a 10 to 13 pound IG.

$35 including shipping

Please check with Patty Woodbury at: saluki13@comcast.net before ordering.

Most of these items are strictly one of a kind.
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#1 - Coral Fluff Sweater


#5 - Creamy White & Charcoal Sweater


#2 - Cranberry Delight Sweater


#6 - Cuddler Coat Pullover in Light Suntan


#3 - WARM! Fleece Lined Wool Overcoat


#7 - Rose and Peach Fluff Sweater


#4 - Fall Coat Rescue Squad Design


#8 - Light Suntan Sweater