0733 - LIMITED EDITION Pins: Royal IG Jewelry

A - Beautiful Braidwork Design
SOLD! (***see note below)

B - Delicate 3 Leaf Design

C - Lovely Lace Design*

D - Intricate Victorian Design
SOLD! (***see note below)

*Although this pic appears somewhat fuzzy...the actual pin is as sharp and clear as the others. The fuzziness was caused by the raised relief metal lacework which did not allow the pin to lay flat against my scanner.


Here is a LIMITED EDITION offer of Italian Greyhound Royalty Jewelry. This is a special line of jewelry inspired by Sheridanes Our Gracie and handcrafted by Karen Smith. This jewelry is not about Queen Gracie...but rather about what she represents.

Within each delicate painstakingly crafted jewelry item is the beauty of YOUR Italian Greyhound. As per the breed standard Gracie displays ideal elegance and grace with high stepping and free movement. Her head is absolutely perfect as indicated in the breed standard. She inherited this gorgeous head from her father, Sheridanes Tuxedo, who for a time was #1 dog in Canada. The lovely dog in this jewelry could be either a male or a female. Although we might know that Gracie is a female...10 generations from now...no one will know or care. All that will survive are these beautiful genuine IG portraits preserved in jewelry. We all love this exquisite breed.

These few limited edition jewelry pieces will NEVER be duplicated elsewhere. Long after Gracie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...these beautiful jewelry items will survive in your care to delight generations to come. Guard them carefully and enjoy!

Each pin measures approximately: 1.25" x 1.5"

***For a limited period of time Karen Smith has agreed to fill all your orders. After that time passes....these pieces will become permanently unavailable. After the initial quantities sell as indicated above...please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.***

Sale of these jewelry items will benefit the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation. MANY MANY THANKS to Karen Smith. MANY MANY THANKS to Sheridanes Our Gracie..... a loving, highly intelligent and exquisitely beautiful Italian Greyhound.

If paying by check please email your order to Judy Longhouse at LonghouseJ@aol.com

***If ordering by Paypal please first check with Judy for availability.***

If ordering and paying for this item by PayPal please use buttons below.

  For: A - Beautiful Braidwork Design, $19.00



For: B - Delicate 3 Leaf Design, $39.00



For: C - Lovely Lace Design, $25.00



For: D - Intricate Victorian Design, $39.00




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