Item #1013 - Exquisite Needlepoint Hand Made IG Pillow!!!

Basset Hound Rescue is once again lending a helping hand to the Iggies!!!!

Here is an exquisite handmade polyester fiber-filled needlepoint pillow.

Diane stitched this pillow with love.

She has worked on behalf of Basset Hound Rescue and is also a new Collie Mom.

Diane loves ALL dogs and would do just about anything to help one.

There is no way to thank her for her continuing dedication and support!!!!

This pillow is GORGEOUS! There are letters that say: "DOG LOVER; LOVING FRIEND; COMPANION; FAITHFUL; PROTECTIVE; COMPASSIONATE; DEVOTED". Actually...that just about sums it up!! The colors are vivid. Around the perimeter is a sturdy beige and creamy white braid. On one side is a beautiful fawn and white Italian Greyhound!!!

Measurements are: 10" x 14".

This is THE PERFECT PILLOW for anyone who truly loves an Italian Greyhound!!!!

Three cheers for Diane!!! Three cheers for Bassets!

Three cheers for Collies!!! Here at IG Rescue we also love ALL DOGS!!!!!

Shipping for this item will be handled by Dianne Beeber

This item benefits IGRF (Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation)

Please note: Buyer will send a check for winning bid made out to IGRF

Please mail to:

Diana Petherick
8235 Tipperary Rd
Peyton, CO 80831

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Minimum bid: $35.00 including shipping

Date posted: 05/6/07
Bidding commenced Sunday, May 6, 2007
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