Item #4040 - 2 Books: Real Food for Dogs/Cats

Here are two books filled with 50 Vet-Approved recipes to please both the canine and feline gastronome

Lots of recipes, tips and suggestions and cute drawings.

Example of some of the recipes: Tabby Tuna Popsicles, Kitty Jambalaya, Meowshi Sushi,

Kitty-Size Lasagna, Kitty Pizza, Kitty Fondue, Grassy Goodness Purr-Fect Pasta,

Allergy Diet, Soft Bland Diet, Reducing Diet, Feline Kidney Diet, Restricted Mineral Diet, etc

Parmesan Pleaser, Canine Casserole, Big Dog Delights,
Baby Oh Baby Marvelous Meatballs,

TLC Leftovers,Munchy Pup-cakes, Puppy Growth Diet, Meal for Active Dogs, Meal for Senior Dogs,

Hypoallergenic Diet, Doggie Diet for Inactive Canines, etc

Donated by Baby Bear...Thanks!

This item benefits the IGSA (Italian Greyhound Safehouse Alliance).

Please note: Buyer will send a check for winning bid made out to IGSA.

Please mail to:

Shannon McClure
P.O. Box 381885
Germantown, TN 38183

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