None of the candidates are human.
That is a step in the right direction.

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Here is public notice of a HUGE political scandal in national politics. Presidential Candidate, Queen Gracie, has decided to STEP DOWN! She is no longer running for President of the United States on the Re-Pup-IG-an Party Ticket. Here are 3 of her less than good reasons:

1. Presidential duties might possibly interfere with her nap time and that would never do.

2. There might possibly be some work associated with the job of President which would be unthinkable and

3. After what happened to Hilary's clear that no female would stand a chance in the Presidential contest.

The idea of having Humphrey (on the Bird-ocrat ticket) win the job is worse than a nightmare.

Together the dog and bird communities have crafted party platforms for each candidate. On November 4th 2008 all of us will be encouraged to vote for President.

We will NOT be gracious and include the names of both the
human Republican and Democratic Party nominees.

There will also be no voting box accessible for any human.

Humphrey and Fabio will garner all votes through: 1. chicanery

2. gerrymandering and 3. dirty tricks.

It's going to be a REAL political election. <VBG>

As a result...the new candidate for President of the United States on the Re-Pup-IG-an ticket is Angel Fabio DiRocco.

Here are his qualifications:

1. He was, is and always will be an Italian Greyhound

2. As a senior IG he has a lifetime of experience

3. Living on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge will
bring HUGE advantages. As an Angel he will have a higher power to guide him into the right decisions for our country.

4. He is in daily communication with his Sainted Mama, Karen DiRocco, through a magic necklace that she always wears next to her heart... and

5. He was handpicked by The Queen herself. Gracie has always loved Fabio and thinks that he would make an AWESOME President.
Humphrey now will have some REALLY STIFF competition.

If YOUR dog, cat or pet hamster wants a spot on either party's ticket...please e-mail me privately and supply a pic. Let me know what position your best friend might like to fill! This is A FUN SITE!!!! On November 4th 2008...ITALGREY will vote for President of the United States. Either Angel Fabio DiRocco wins....or heaven forbid ... that outrageous shyster Humphrey the less than Great Blue Heron wins. You better be there with your vote! Whichever one of them wins...I guarantee will make a better leader than whichever human wins a similar election! <VBG>

--Judy Godmother to Fabio DiRocco and no relation at all to Sheridanes Our Gracie (an IG with a Queen complex!)


***Let it be known that the reference to Pomeranians is totally disavowed because it is totally inappropriate & inaccurate not to mention vile ..and is in the process of being stricken from the Re-Pup-IGan Party Platform! All of us in the world of Italian Greyhounds have great affection and respect for the entire Pomeranian breed and community. That sentence was added to the party platform in order to pacify one very small constituency. That constituency consists of one vengeful, egotistical, outrageous aging Italian Greyhound Queen named Gracie. Just because one Pom was a yapper and disturbed The Queen's many and assorted naptimes for a period of two weeks TWELVE YEARS ago no reason to discriminate against an entire breed. Let it be known that the Re-Pup-IG-an Party will treat Pomeranians with the same due consideration as any other breed!!! WE LOVE POMS!


Political positions in both the rePup-IG-an and Bird-o-crat parties will be bought...just as in the human political scene. Please enter your non-human best friend into one slate of candidates or the other (dogs are welcome in BOTH the rePupIGan and Birdocrat parties) for the sum of a minimal $1 registration fee payable to the IGCA Health Fund.

Please also supply us with a digital photo of your pet. Like any government....there will be money involved and payoffs. Lesser government candidates will pay $1. Important positions like the Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, etc. will pay anything in excess of $1....but there will be no specified amount...just a donation to the Health Fund.

Please specify the position you would like your pet to fill.

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