Please Read the following Guidelines to help insure a successful BIA 2008!

* * *

All auction payments are due 10 days AFTER notification TO the winners.

If payment is not received during specified time, item(s) may be listed again for auction.

* * *

We are all volunteers and give our time freely.

It is a HUGE help to us to conclude transactions ASAP!

There may well be exceptions from time to time. If you have a VALID reason and need more time, we will accommodate a SINCERE VALID delay in payment and/or mailing -- within a reasonable time frame. If you have a problem send an email to Patty Woodbury.

This is so that we can aim to have ALL auctions closed no more than 1 month after the auction. We do not have the time or resources to continue to "track" late items.....NOR do the Iggies have the time or resources. The sooner we get the funds to their destination, the sooner the bills can be addressed AND the more good we can continue to do!

* * *

Thanks for understanding and continuing to help the Iggies!

* * *

In most cases, donors KEEP the item they are donating until notified to ship.

If you wish to donate an item or items, please send a description of the item and a pic

to Patty Woodbury at <>

If you don't have a pic to send digitally, please send a pic via snail mail to:

Patty Woodbury

7 Damon St.

North Reading, MA 01864

Patty will scan the pic for you. If you would like your pic returned,

please include a stamped, addressed envelope - Thanks!

In your item description please include sizes and/or dimensions as well as

opening bid price for the item(s) - Thanks!

And, please include the name of the fund you wish for monies to go to:


IGCA Health Fund



Rules for Tie Bids

On the final night of each week, the item will go to the first bidder if the tie isn't broken.
Tie bidders should watch the bidding because the auctioneer
may not be able to notify each tie bidder on the night prior to the close of each week's auction.

We do accept proxy bids. If you really want an item, we will increase the winning bid in $1.00 increments up to your specified amount. Please email Blanche Wallace with your proxy bids.

Please keep bidding in whole dollar amounts.

It is too difficult to track "change".......Thanks for your understanding.

Winners will be notified by email of their wins within 24 hours of the close of each auction. Donors will be notified of payment received as soon as possible. They will then ship the item(s) to the winning bidder.

A PayPal button will be provided at the close of each week for those who choose to

pay for their item(s) this way.

PLEASE include the item name and number to help us process your order smoothly.

Thanks so much!

* * *

To pay by check for IGRF / IGCA Health Fund items, please make the check out to either

fund and mail to:

Steve Woodbury, 7 Damon St, North Reading, MA 01864

To pay by check for IGSA items, please make the check out to IGSA and mail to:

Shannon McClure, P.O.Box 381885, Germantown, TN 38183

To pay by check for TIGR items, please make the check out to TIGR and mail to:

Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue, 1212 LittleJohn Court, Flower Mound, TX 75028

Bids are updated nightly between 9 - 11PM EST*

*Barring any unforeseen circumstances..


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