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Sheridane's Our Gracie

Now, isn't that a beautiful name? Of couse, it should be QUEEN Sheridane's Our Gracie, but once again, I am not given the honor I'm due. Here is the story of my Daddy and Grandma. SHE will tell you I'm regal!

Ruth Bucknell is my breeder...uh Grandma. In her arms is the charming and handsome Sheridane's Tuxedo, my Iggy father. The Sheridane Italian Greyhound kennel is based in Canada. Many exquisite champion IGs were bred from that kennel. Sheridane dogs are known for their lovely temperaments, beautiful conformation and intelligence. While I am intelligent (near genius aptitude for swiping, stashing and shredding) and beautiful (with an innocent expressive face)... my temperament is OUTRAGEOUS, according to my Mom! In spite of this Grandma Ruth will always find a special place in her heart fo me- the feisty and unforgettable Sheridane's Our Gracie.




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